Phase 1 clinical trials in dermatology

Planning and conducting of dermatological phase I-studies requires a special infrastructure for both, equipment and personnel. Our highly motivated team of scientists, physicians and healthcare professionals has many years of experience with scientific methods and clinical trials in the fields of dermatology. In our well-equipped and modern laboratories and treatment rooms all current dermatological trial methods are accomplished under highly standardised conditions.

Our Center of Dermatology Excellence provides all or any service for planning and conducting your clinical projects at a high level of quality - even for phase II studies. The proinnovera team will manage your dermatological trial in a dedicated, professional and focused manner.

For the recruitment of healthy volunteers or patients a large database, a strong network of dermatological specialist and hospitals as well a cooperating dermatological practice in close proximity to proinnovera are at your service. This leads to an above-average performance with respect to the planned recruitment rates and timeframes.

Regularly ICH-GCP trained and highly experienced study personell as well as intensive supervision and guidance of study participants, assure high standards of documentation quality and compliance.

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